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GALAH. is a new independent print publication about regional Australia. A modern voice from the bush. There’s no advertising, just glorious heavy-stock pages of stories about art, architecture, farming and food that explore what it means to live in regional Australia today. This is not a publication to be read in one sitting.

In Issue 8:
At a big 176 pages, Galah Issue 08 is full of beautiful images, gardens, recipes and feel-good tales of community to be gifted, read, revisited and shared with loved ones over the summer holidays.
-Open the door to Australia’s finest regional architecture
-Talk history and horticulture with seventh-generation gardeners.
-Solve the regional housing crisis – one idea at a time
-Take the plunge with underwater art photographer Tamara Dean
-Tackle the critical issue of food security with Gabrielle Chan
-Do the pipi dance at dawn with shellfish harvesters
-Remember the indomitable novelist Miles Franklin
-Watch Kakadu sculptors conjure a cockatoo from the bush
-Play houses with a dollhouse miniaturist
-Witness the energy of Iwantja artists in central Australia
-Ice the drinks, cook the chook and come for lunch

In Issue 9:
-How an amateur musical changed a small town
-Celebrate the life of master artist John Olsen
-Chart the Great Regional Migration with Gabrielle Chan
-Take the plunge with the underwater gardener
-The late blossoming of an opal-mining artist
-Talk radical garden design with Kurt Wilkinson
-Pack the picnic blanket for autumn lunch
-Hooked! Fly fishing, obsession and mindfulness
-Building a library, rebuilding a life
-Follow an insider’s travel guide to Orange
-Make a sea change, with oysters
-Visit the land where chocolate grows on trees

In Issue 10:
-What zero-waste activist Joost Bakker did next
-Australia’s mad inventions and eureka moments
-The unerring eye of photographer Olive Cotton
-Why the Franklin Frosties freeze every morning
-Rodeos, races and other outback parties
-Art and the reinvention of Hill End
-How millions of breadtags ended up in Cowra
-Follow an insider’s travel guide to Gippsland
-Putting Australian tuna in supermarkets
-Jenny Kee’s lifelong obsession with waratahs
-The quest to distil the scents of a garden
-Light the fire, warm the hearth for a long lunch
-Is nuclear power the answer to our energy crisis?