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Dr Sleek GOAT Beard Soap 110g


This natural beard soap will have you smelling good and looking even better. Handcrafted from the finest ingredients, Dr Sleek’s natural beard soap is exactly what you deserve.

There’s been plenty of talk around town that we’ve got the best organic beard soap in Australia. Here’s why it’s such a catch:

Dr Sleek spent months devising this beauty in collaboration with master soap makers from the Yarra Valley (yes, there is such a thing).
All ingredients are locally sourced and fully organic. Who says you can’t combine artistry and science?
It’s simply the best beard cleaner money can buy, getting into all the grime and product buildup that’s been lurking in your beard.


Fresh Goats’ Milk

  • Our four-legged business partners Lotte and Phryne (Nigerian dwarf goats) are responsible for the luscious milk that goes into our soaps
  • Their milk is wonderfully PH balancing and gentle on the most sensitive of skin
  • Its nourishing effects can condition wiry and dry hair, making it soft and manageable

Aussie Shea Butter

  • This local ingredient boasts antiInflammatory properties while also creating shine and volume
  • By rejuvenating the hair follicles at their root, shea butter creates a healthy environment for ongoing growth
  • Shea butter also keeps your hair strong, reducing split ends that can make beards look like a hot mess

Aussie Coconut Oil

  • Coconut oil is well known for its thickening and enriching effect on hair. Our organic coconut oil contains all the essential vitamins and fatty acids to nourish the scalp and strands
  • Coconut oil also helps to remove icky sebum build up in hair follicles

Local Olive Oil

  • Our gorgeous olive oil reduces irritation and dandruff – nuff said

Local Organic Honey and Beeswax

  • These hydrating humectants keep skin moisturised. Honey is also anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, keeping the skin clean and healthy

Aussie Castor Oil

  • Rich in inflammation-fighting ricinoleic acid, castor oil helps to reduce hair loss

Aussie Spearmint

  • Spearmint will have you looking and feeling fresh, getting rid of dandruff, stimulating blood flow to the follicles and offering antifungal and antibacterial powers

Aussie Seaweed

  • This quirky ingredient regulates oil production, gently exfoliates the skin and creates a healthy surface for hair growth
  • Seaweed is even said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and heal acne, rosa and sensitive skin

Natural Glycerine

  • Glycerine draws hydration from the environment and nourishes all layers of skin and hair, helping prevent breakage and tames frizz

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