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Shower Steamer 45g


These petite shower steamers are handmade in Beechworth, Victoria.

REFRESH: The cool menthol infused scent of peppermint and tea tree is perfect for clearing the sinuses and will leave you feeling refreshed and clear.
SLEEP: Enjoy the calming blend of lavender, French lavender and chamomile while you ready your body and mind for sleep.
BREATHE: The burst of fresh menthol combined with a cool camphorous blend of rosemary and eucalyptus is sure to clear the sinuses and your mind.
ME TIME: Enjoy guilt free me time with a minty and sweet, mouthwatering mojito inspired blend of lime and peppermint shower steamer. This zesty lime shower steamer is sure to be a favourite, with a subtle hint of sweet peppermint.
FOCUS: Your shower will never have been so vibrant than with this zesty sweet lemongrass shower steamer. The strong burst of lemongrass and subtle sweet kiss of ylang ylang will fill the air for the ultimate mind refreshing shower.
REST: Wind down with the pair-made-in-heaven essential oil notes of sweet orange and earthy patchouli in this deep rest inspired shower steamer. A fruity but grounding unisex scent for a peaceful shower sure to suit any time of day or mood.
RELAX: The ultimate floral shower experience, fill the air with sweet notes of lavender, jasmine and rose geranium. This bouquet blend of flower essential oils is sure to please the mind and senses in a playful floral shower steamer.

Use: Place your shower steamer on the floor of your shower where hot shower spray will activate it and release the essential oils into the air.