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Mr Minty Bracelet



6mm matte Picasso Jasper
6mm matte Onyx
6mm 14K Gold-filled hardware
Handcrafted in Australia using natural gemstones and elastic cord

Packaging: Linen jewellery bag with product card highlighting healing symbolism of the piece. Packed in a Spiritus Stones box. All packaging is 100% compostable and biodegradable.

Mr Minty is a fantastically dapper fellow, full of optimism for the future, a creative genius that has the love of every individual who has the pleasure of meeting him. Let Mr Minty inspire you to be the person you were always destined to be, and while you’re at it, he’ll have an extra dirty martini, and make it snappy!

PICASSO JASPER is a stunning rare gemstone that has an abstract, modernist look, and only found in Utah, USA. It is a happy stone that reminds us to enjoy life, bringing optimism and openness. It also assists in the positive transformation of relationships, through attracting positive people into one’s life. Picasso Jasper emanates a beautiful energy that stimulates creative ability to bring it into manifestation, while enhancing will power to persevere with that which one desires, to make changes to one’s life’s purpose.
ONYX is a protection stone, transforming negative energy into positive, whilst enhancing emotional strength, especially when support is needed during times of stress, confusion or grief.
GOLD is known as The Master Healer. It is effective in healing spiritually, emotionally and physically. Gold also enhances the energy in the other gemstones it is used with so is truly powerful in every aspect.

Size information:
S– 16cm / 6.3 inches
M– 18cm / 7.1inches
L– 20cm / 7.9 inches

Please note that every Spiritus Stones piece is thoughtfully handcrafted with natural gemstones, so may therefore vary slightly in appearance from the image shown.