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Love + Self Love + Compassion. Invite a new found sense of love into your life with this mindfully created ritual kit from Spiritus Stones.

Included in Kit: Rose Quartz gemstone, sage stick, selenite bowl, symbolism bowl, kit box.
-Rose Quartz point. 5-6cm height.
-Californian White Sage stick (sustainably harvested in southern California)
-Selenite bowl, 9cm diameter (mindfully handcrafted in Morocco)  

Rose Quartz Love + Self-love + Compassion
Californian White Sage Offers protection and cleanses negative energy from your space
Selenite Bowl Cleanses and charges your crystals. Also used as the sage burning bowl.
A spiritual ritual; Burning sage, also known as smudging, is an ancient spiritual ritual practiced by various Native American communities, including the Lakota, Chumash, Cahuilla, among others.

Benefits of burning sage / smudging:
-Clears negative energy from the room, to make way for positive energy
-Connects us to the spiritual realm and enhances intuition, to allow healing
-Soothes stress
-Cleanses objects
-Insect Repellant

How to burn sage:
Set your intentions: Before burning the sage, set your intentions Eg. “I invite only positivity into my home”, “My home will be a space of love and healing”, and so on.
Open a window: This allows smoke, and negative energy to leave the room.
Light the sage bundle: Light the bundle, and blow out quickly if it catches fire. The leave tips will smoulder slowly, releasing the smoke.
Direct the smoke: Direct the smoke around your body or around the room, depending on what your intentions are.
Place into ceramic bowl: This allows the sage to burn out safely while catching the ash.

Please note that these are natural crystals so every piece is unique and will vary in appearance from the image shown.

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