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Gold Incense Holder by Kirsty Lief


Hold your Incense sticks in a beautifully hand crafted, matte gold Brass holder by Torquay jeweller and This is Incense friend Kirsty Leif.

“After a high school project uncovered a passion for making wearable art, and revealed a family history of metal smithing, Kirsty totally ignored all of that and pursued a career in graphic design. But a desire to use her hands to create rather than a computer saw her eventually return to metal smithing, and after taking a few courses, hours of trawling the internet and lots of practising the craft, Kirsty has found her true calling: being a jeweller. Kirsty lives in the coastal town of Torquay, Victoria, with her husband, son and giant fluffy dog. It’s here, in her small studio, that she hand makes jewellery and brass homewares, and nothing makes her happier than turning metal and gems into art that can capture sentiment and joy for others.”
Material: brass, coated in clear wax to delay tarnishing

Dimensions: 1mm x 18mm x 120mm

Care: Wipe brass with a gentle mix of low-PH soap and water to prevent damage. Wipe and dry clean.

*Always burn supervised and keep out of reach of children.

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