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Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist is built on a profound understanding of the connection between the health inside your body and the story told through your skin. And, by creating health in the body through repairing and restoring cellular function, revealing your biological beauty. Function = Beauty.

Founded by brothers, Jeremy and Keston Muijs, with over twenty years of formulation and research and development, Grown Alchemist is leading the charge in a new generation of biologically advanced nutricosmetics, skincare, bodycare, haircare and treatments, all designed to treat the skin from the inside out and outside in. Their products work in synchronicity with the skin: restoring skin function, detoxifying the dermis, then activating skin function using the latest natural cell-communicating ingredients such as Neuro-Peptides, Tocotrienols, and advanced Hygroscopic actives.

Why is this important? It boils down to biology. The human body will naturally fight anything regarded as foreign or toxic. This reaction creates free radicals which greatly contribute to the ageing process. Many synthetic ingredients, which claim to reduce the signs of ageing, may in fact be doing more harm than good. The active ingredients in Grown Alchemist products are naturally occurring and as such, are completely compatible with human biology.

Grown Alchemist boasts a team of global cosmetic chemists, all in relentless pursuit of a perfect product offering that encapsulates efficacy powerful enough to evolve visible beauty by transforming the texture and appearance of the skin, without compromising health. This brand ethos has been backed by the creation of 100% natural, clean, environmentally friendly, vegan and cruelty-free product offerings, with accreditations by EWG [Environmental Working Group], Think Dirty, ACO [Australian Certified Organic] and SCA [Safe Cosmetics Australia].

In short, Grown Alchemist has understood the importance of using active, 100% natural ingredients in skincare as well as nutricosmetics and advanced treatments, in order to stimulate the biological functions that support healthy skin. As a brand, Grown Alchemist have formulated beauty solutions that serve their audience from a functional AND ethical perspective, tied together with premium recyclable packaging that elevates their brand into a luxurious experience. That’s who they are at the core; a premium, clean beauty brand. A brand destination for the health-conscious, wellness-savvy consumer. Helping your body reveal how amazing your skin can be.